Na Pali Coast, Kauai 2000

Hui Wa'a Kaukahi Club Trip - Click Images for Bigger View.

Jacuzzi Party

Pre-trip Hotel Jacuzzi Party.

Launch Site.

Launch site Day 1.

Gates to Na Pali.

The gates to Na Pali.

Jim and Kim paddling.

Jim and Kim in their top heavy double.

Hanakapiai Beach.

Hanakapi'ai Beach.

Maghna and Lois

Maghna and Lois.

Monk Seal cave.

We saw a Monk Seal in this cave.

Jim and Kim in the cave.

Maghna in the entrance to Waiahuakua cave.

Pinnacle on the coast.


A drive through shower.

Camp cave.

Our camp in the cave at Kalalau.


Francis hiking up to the Davis Falls lookout.

Jim, Kim and Keith

Jim, Kim and Keith at the lookout.

Davis Falls

Davis Falls in Kalalau Valley..

Andy at Davis Falls

Me at Davis Falls lookout.

Kalalau Valley

Kalalau Valley from the lookout.

Kalalau Spires

Kalalau Valley spires.

Alan the chef and helpers

Alan's rockin cave kitchen.

A fiesta

Green Team's Mexican Fiesta..

Mexican night

The fare for Mexican Night - wphew, we were roughing it!.

Ginger rocks

Lois at Ginger Rocks in Kalalau Valley.


Outlaws in Kalalau Valley..

Outlaws falls.

Outlaws Falls and me.


A killer sunset for Maghna's Birthday night!


Does it need words?


And it goes on....


And on...


And on....

Maghna's Birthday party.

Maghna's Birthday party!

Honopu Beach

Honopu Beach.

Honopu Arch

Honopu Arch.

Honopu Falls

Honopu Falls.

Dennis caught the Big Daddy Ulua! 20+ lbs!

Kalalau Beach

Kalalau Beach.

Group Shot.