North Maui Coast, Hana to Paiea 2000

Hui Wa'a Kaukahi Club Trip - Click Images for Bigger View.

Kayak trailer at launch site.

Launch site Day 1.

Surf landing at Wainapanapa.

Some Aussies in the wet caves at Wainapanapa.

Jodi and Rusty in the cave.

Our group outside the caves.

Jodi and Naupaka at Wainapanapa.

Surfing through the sea arch at Wainapanapa.

A nice arch just outside Wainapanapa.

Gary Budlong paddling by the arch.

Another sea arch with Pandanus on top.

The slopes of Haleakala.

Another shot of Haleakala.

On the third day we found this huge sea cave.

Gary B in the cave.

We hiked up a few streams to waterfalls but this was the best.

Gary B and the falls. It was HUGE!


And loud!


Jodi juming into the pool.

Jodi and Gary behind the falls.

Some wierd algae in a pool below the falls.

Our campsite the third night.

We paddled back the next day to explore more valleys.

Three falls boulder beach.

A small waterfall right by the beach.

A cove of sea caves.

It is a jagged coastline.

More sea caves.

Jodi in her red kayak.

Bob Walls leaving camp.

Traffic Jam!

Francis drinking Coconut milk.

Trying to fish.

Camp on the fourth night.

Rusty at a lunch spot.

Gary the caveman after a few down at the algae pool bar.

Algae pool bar, fifth night campsite.